Buying a Classic Car or Unique Car – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

November 14th, 2017

Welcome to Enthusiast. If you have found your way to our site you may already own a Special Vehicle. However you might still be in the market and checking out your insurance options.

Finding the ‘classic’ that fits your needs and lifestyle can be challenging. Note here I said ‘fits YOUR….’ because the car you have dreamed of for decades could become a nightmare if its attributes don’t match your domestic needs.

Obviously the vehicle must have sufficient space to accommodate everyone you want to include on trips away or weekend jaunts. If that means solo use in the mists of early morning or late evening then a two seater (or a even a motorcycle) is just fine.

Cars with space for the family and enough weight to safely tow the boat for Sundays by the Bay might not fulfil every ownership aspiration. However even a hint of practicality helps ensure the car holds its spot within the family group for as long as you want it to be there.

Even large families can find vehicles with space to accommodate everyone and in decent comfort. Lots of older Australian models feature bench seats front and rear that can legally accommodate six people. Some big US-import station wagons had a third full-size seat that popped up from the luggage platform and provided space for eight or nine occupants. Then there are early ‘people movers’ as exemplified by Volkswagen’s Microbus.

More difficult might be finding a vehicle that won’t cause disharmony due to constant drains on the family budget. Look for something with evidence of excellent maintenance, good tyres and maybe some spare parts thrown in with the deal. Also, obviously, find one that is also economical to insure (run it past us first at )

Make sure before buying that you make contact with a repairer or two that specialise in that model and check out the cost of typical parts and repair procedures. A vehicle that needs its engine removed to access the starter motor or to cure common oil leaks isn’t good value even if the asking price is attractive.

Finally, make sure you can test drive a good example and possibly even have some family members come along for the ride. If young occupants feel claustrophobic or back seat leg-room is non-existent, the time to find out is before handing over any money.