Should I Let Someone Drive Who Is Not Insured – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

November 21st, 2017

Consider this. Just last week the car that has occupied every spare hour of your life for the past few years and most of a year’s salary finally acquired its registration plates. Today you’re headed off on a run that will include showing the finished product to a cousin who has been hankering for a ride. All goes well until out of the shed rolls Uncle Errol, wiping beery froth from his chin and grinning in anticipation.

“Wow, looks great. Come on son, givvus the keys, I haven’t driven one of these since the Eighties.” No wonder either; Errol’s record of car crashes, fondness for the booze and brushes with The Law isn’t flash. But that’s none of your damn business, he wants a drive and nothing you can say seems able to deter him. Nothing until you remember that you’ve insured the car with Enthusiast under a Named Driver policy.

“Sorry Uncle, I can’t. You’re not insured to drive it.” Scowl,mutter…”So what…..they don’t need to know”.

Yes, Errol they do. It says so right here in the policy and with your history there’s no chance of us letting you get behind the wheel of your proud nephew’s precious metal. So be a good uncle, get your paws off the door-handle and walk away. Driving someone’s car without permission is theft and you will be held personally responsible for any damage you cause.

Not everyone would face a situation that extreme but sometimes it’s just easier to silence a pestering friend or family member with the words “You’re not insured.”

Of course, if you want to share the driving on a trip away or give a trusted mate a turn behind the wheel, adding a driver can be easily done. Make a call to Enthusiast’s Client Service Team (1800 10 10 44) or drop us an email detailing the extra driver’s name, date of birth, traffic and car insurance claims histories.