Why do Car Thefts Spike in Summer? – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

January 7th, 2020

Statistics show that 60% of car thefts happen while a car is parked at home and that 20% of all car-related crime occurs in December and January.  That makes our Summer months the time we need to be more vigilant.

Is that just because we are more relaxed or complacent over the Summer holidays? It appears so and the thieves know it.

It is estimated that a car is stolen in Australia every 10 minutes!*


  • Leave your keys in the car, not even for a few seconds
  • Leave your car unlocked, even if it is on your driveway
  • Leave the windows and sunroof down when unattended – even if it’s hot
  • Leave your car keys inside your house in full view where thieves can easily find them
  • Leave your vehicle registration papers in your car


  • Make your vehicle less appealing to opportunistic thieves by keeping valuable items out of full view
  • When parking outside of your home try and park in high foot traffic areas
  • When parking outside and at night, park in a well-lit area
  • If you are going away and leaving your car behind, you might want to consider a steering wheel lock
  • If you are going away for an extended period, you could also disable the car by removing the rotor, distributor, electronic ignition fuse or another crucial part (if you know what you are doing!).
  • And if you are away – make sure you take the keys with you
  • Install a vehicle tracker to aid police in quickly tracking your vehicle.
  • Always lock your doors and keep your windows up when you’re in the car. 5% of all vehicle thefts happen when keys are stolen in a robbery.

28% of vehicles that were stolen are never recovered*

Lastly, always good to tell your neighbours, or a friend, to keep an eye out for your property and clear your mailbox while you’re gone so it’s less obvious you are away.

It helps if you’ve got quality motor insurance from Enthusiast that covers you in case your car is stolen. With our few basic Do’s and Don’ts this Summer you can make car thieves’ lives just that bit harder.



* Statistics from National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC)