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Episode 1

Andy Colalillo 1934 Ford Roadster

A Family Legacy

Having Mario Colalillo for a father meant that Andy had no choice when it came to cars, they were always going to be a big part of his life! Mario built Andy his first car (a 1934 Ford Roadster billy cart) when he was born, and when Andy was a little older they attended a few car shows with it. As a result of being exposed to the car scene from such a young age, it was always going to be a natural progression for Andy to build the next size up.

The passion Andy has for hotrods and custom cars was passed down from his father, and something he hopes to pass onto his children. Given the fact that Andy’s already started building a 1934 Ford Roadster kiddy car for his unborn child, it looks like they won’t have much of a choice in the matter either!

An Irreplaceable Hotrod

Building a car from scratch taught Andy the reward of patience and perseverance, as well as the value of time and money. When Andy was seven his father started teaching him how to make parts for the hotrod, slowly he built up his knowledge and skills. The Roadster took 12 years to finish with the experience leaving an imprint on Andy, making him the man he is today. For Andy the Roadster is more than just a car, it’s precious memories of time spent with his dad, it’s his childhood, it’s his first creation and it’s his Sunday Driver.

Car Specifications

  • Year
  • Make / Model
    Ford Roadster
  • Engine
    V8, 283c.i.
  • Transmission
    Manual 4-speed Muncie
  • Body
    Chopped & fenderless
  • Colour
    Devil Yellow
  • Interior
    White tuck'n'roll
  • Trim
  • Wheels
    15" Chrome O.E wheels, Firestone whitewall tyres
    4" drop axle and 4 bar

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