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Episode 2

Kyle Smith 1947 Pontiac Silver Streak

Searching for a Diamond in the Rough

Kyle had been searching for years for this particular body shape of car, so when one became available that had a relatively straight chassis and intact body he had to have it — no matter what the price!

Kyle set out to create something special when he laid eyes upon this 1947 Pontiac Silver Streak. Looking rough around the edges, Kyle was on a mission to take this tired, rusted, beaten down old car at the end of its life and transform it into something new and truly unique. Aptly named Morado Chile (Purple Chile), this sparkling jewel took approx. 18 months to customise with a substantial amount of time spent on building it, painting it and doing the custom artwork.

A Family Passion

Family is everything to Kyle, and the love he has for cars has already begun rubbing off on his young children. Kyle ensures his kids get to enjoy all of his cars, whether it’s playing pretend taking them out for a spin or packing the whole family in for a drive somewhere to grab a well deserved ice cream. Sunday Driver to Kyle means more than just a car, it’s about sharing the enjoyment of his creation with his family, and making precious memories that his kids will remember forever.

Car Specifications

  • Year
  • Make / Model
    Pontiac Silver Streak
  • Engine
    Big Block Chevrolet 454
  • Transmission
    T350 Automatic
  • Body
  • Colour
    Custom Purple
  • Interior
  • Trim
  • Wheels
    15" Steel With Custom Caps
    Airbags All Round

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