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Episode 3

Nick Caminiti 1967 P10 Chevrolet Van

A Californian Dream

Nick was on the hunt for his next car build and had decided he wanted a P10 Chevrolet van. This tired old Californian taco truck was the perfect blank canvas for Nick to work his magic.

Once Nick got his hands on it, he and his team got to work pulling it down completely and extensively rebuilding it from the ground up. Often referred to as one of the 'children' of the Caminiti family, this step van is a one-of-a-kind in Australia and the world.

The Slammed Step Van Everyone Wants

This little P10 Chev has experienced a level of customisation very few get to enjoy, making it a car that turns heads, no matter where it goes. Covered in a unique custom wrap featuring UV lensing for a wicked 3D effect, a fully sheet metalled interior with a custom hand painted mural by internationally recognised Melbourne-based artist Mayonaize, full AccuAir system, chesterfield cigar lounge style seats, topped off with a LS2 engine out of a VE Holden Commodore and a six speed automatic transmission.

Car Specifications

  • Year
  • Make / Model
    P10 Chevrolet Van
  • Engine
    6.0ltr LS2
  • Transmission
    6 Speed Automatic
  • Body
  • Colour
    Custom wrap
  • Interior
    Ox Blood leather
  • Trim
    Sheet metal/messmate timber
  • Wheels
    18inch Steel wheel Co (w/original centre caps)
    AccuAir Airide System

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