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1976 Toyota Crown Custom Wagon - Sunday Driver Video with Kira JuradoEnthusiast Motor Insurance
Episode 4

Kira Jurado 1976 Toyota Crown Custom Wagon

A Heart-Warming Japanese Tale

Kira and her partner Sean had visited Japan for the first time to attend an international car show. They were blown away by the sites, sounds and smells of Tokyo, and fell in love with its culture, cars and people.

Japan was a life changing trip for Kira, and when she came home to Australia she wanted to find a car that reminded her of the fun times her and Sean experienced there. Every taxi they saw in Tokyo was a Toyota Crown, and so the decision was made that Kira would find one for herself.

Luckily, Kira found a 1976 Toyota Crown wagon that had been lovingly looked after by an elderly gentleman for years. Completely original, the "Grandpa car" was what Kira was after. What further cemented in Kira's mind that it was the right purchase was a spooky, yet comforting encounter she had with the car's radio and her late father Joe, whilst driving it home for the first time. What was the encounter? You'll have to watch the episode to find out.

The Motor Trimmer Making Her Mark

Kira's passion and talent shines through every one of her creations at OG Customs. Having worked as a motor trimmer since her teenage years, Kira's beautified countless classic and custom cars across most genres. Being third generation in her family to work in the motor industry — her father, a panel beater and her grandfather, a pinstriper — she didn't really have much choice in where her career would go!

Car Specifications

  • Year
  • Make / Model
    Toyota Crown
  • Engine
    6 cylinder
  • Transmission
  • Body
  • Colour
  • Interior
    Original brown cloth/vinyl
  • Trim
  • Wheels
    14inch rims, original hubcaps, radial whitewall tyres
    Coil Springs

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