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1949 Chevy 3100 Thriftmaster Pickup Truck - Sunday Driver Video with Josh JamesEnthusiast Motor Insurance
Episode 5

Josh James 1949 Chevy 3100 Thriftmaster Pickup Truck

It’s in the Blood

Looking back on his childhood, Josh remembers fun times centred around the classic cars his family owned and enjoyed together. His passion for cars started at an early age (who else grew up with Matchbox cars?!), and evolved from simply enjoying the drive to also finding happiness when working on them. Josh learnt most of what he knows about cars from his dad, and later on in life from his late older brother Ash, who helped shift his appreciation to the happenings under the hood.

Josh grew up in a Ford family, and so far has owned over 60 cars, with his current collection consisting mainly of Chevys, as well as classics from the 30s, 40s and 50s. Every car Josh owns has a unique tale to tell, and his Chevy 3100 Thriftmaster pickup has a truly special story.

A Pick Up with Lots of Heart

It took Josh more than 15 years of searching until he found this pickup. It was a little rough around the edges and needed some love, but for Josh it was perfect, and it entered his life at a point when he really needed the distraction. 

At a time when Josh was dealing with the loss of his beloved brother Ash, this special restoration project helped get him through by keeping him focused. Knowing that Ash would have loved to be part of the restoration, only spurred Josh on more to do it perfectly in his memory. With a lot of help from Kyle Smith of Smith Concepts, Josh was able to repair and restore the truck to match his vision, and thanks to some special finishing touches in memory of Ash, it will forever hold a special place in Josh’s heart.

Car Specifications

  • Year
  • Make / Model
    Chevy 3100 "Thriftmaster" Pickup Truck
  • Engine
    235 blue flame
  • Transmission
    3 speed manual
  • Body
    5 window pickup
  • Colour
    Two-tone Grey
  • Interior
    Grey suede/cloth
  • Trim
  • Wheels
    15" Steelies with 54 Chev Caps and Coker Whitewalls 
    Air bagged front and rear suspension

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