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Monday, April 13th, 2020

Cars We See Round Here – Jaguar XJ6

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019
It was not the most beautiful Jaguar ever made and it didn’t win races like earlier models did. However, the XJ6 was by far the most important model in the British brand’s extensive history. Jaguar in the years befor


Thursday, September 5th, 2019
Those who own a relatively new vehicle might have suffered the stress of receiving a Recall Notification. These are letters from the car manufacturer or dealer advising that the vehicle needs to be taken to an authorised


Tuesday, August 6th, 2019
Car lovers when the word ‘auction’ is flashed in front of them will often think of expensive, exotic vehicles and people with bank balances to match. Take a live streaming trip to Europe, the USA or some parts of Aus

Enhancing your car with collectibles

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019
How many times have you walked around a display of older cars and been stunned by one that is groaning beneath an array of genuine accessories or surrounded by period memorabilia? When older model vehicles were new, ‘e

Can A Modern Car Be Collectible?

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019
Walk around a car show or club display day next weekend and a worrying trend will become apparent. Unless the club caters specifically to later models, there will still be row upon row of older models; maintained just as

Winter Is Nasty For Your Car Too

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019
When looking at the hazards of summer-time motoring we think of traffic jams and overheating, the air-con failing on the hottest day of the year and car interiors crumbling due to intense heat. However, winter doesn’t

Bargain Hunting In The Dark

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019
If you own an interesting motor vehicle you may well have trawled through the rows of someone else’s junk (punctuated by the occasional treasure) that define a typical automotive swap meet. A couple of hundred such eve

What Will Become Of The Big Car Collections?

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019
If you are one of the many who closely follow automotive auction sales, then you will have been busier than a one-armed barber during the past 12 months. All in a rush and close together we have seen several of Australia

Cars We See Round Here – Chevrolet Camaro

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019
A while back we took a look at the influence Ford’s latest Mustang is having on Australian car-buying choices. Now it’s the turn of General Motors’ Camaro to take up where the lamented HSV Commodore range left off