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Enthusiast Motor Insurance brings to the market a unique blend of custom car insurance and motor vehicle knowledge, exceptional service and innovative insurance products.

Crash, fire or flood claims

  • ensure you have details of all parties involved in an accident that results in damage to your vehicle, other vehicles or property. This includes other drivers, property owners, attending police and witnesses.
  • make arrangements to have your vehicle removed to a repairer of your choice or secure storage facility. If you are injured and unable to do this, an attending police officer will authorise removal.
  • if your car is not badly damaged and can be safely driven with minor repairs such as a replacement tyre or light, you can spend UP TO $500 on emergency repairs so you can continue your journey or get the vehicle home. Keep receipts for any parts or work done. You must still advise Enthusiast as soon as possible that an accident has occurred.
  • download a Vehicle Accident claim form accessible via the ‘Make A Claim’ button on this page. Fully complete the form, scan and email or post a COPY to the address shown.
  • arrange to have your choice of repairer prepare a repair quote for damage. Upon receipt of your fully completed claim form we will appoint an assessor to inspect the vehicle damage and the repairer’s quote when necessary. The goal is to place the assessor with the repair quote and the damaged vehicle, so that repairs can be approved and commenced as soon as possible.

If your selected repairer does not believe the vehicle can be economically repaired, it still needs to be assessed. If, in the opinion of our assessor (who will be highly experienced and trade-qualified) it may be repairable, we may exercise our right to remove your vehicle to another repair shop for their opinion.

If the vehicle is deemed to be a Total Loss or not economically repairable, a Release Form will be sent to your address stating the amount payable by us less any applicable Excesses. Unless you have salvage retention rights, ownership of the salvage will revert to us for disposal.

Theft or malicious damage

If your vehicle or items from your vehicle are stolen or deliberately damaged by some other person, where possible you should:

  • immediately report the theft or damage to a police station. If police attend, note names and station addresses of the senior attending officer.
  • if the vehicle is recovered and you are advised of its location, contact Enthusiast and we will arrange for it to be retrieved and sent to a repairer or holding yard for assessment. If it is beyond economic repair and you have complied with all required security and garaging provisions, we will pay the sum insured or Market Value if applicable less any excess.

Please note that Salvage Retention provisions of the policy do not apply to theft-recovered vehicles.

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Enthusiast Motor Insurance brings to the market a unique blend of exceptional service, car insurance and motor vehicle knowledge… more

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