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Making a Claim

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Enthusiast Motor Claims

“I am thrilled the car is ready…. I have been extremely happy dealing with everyone who has been involved with this claim. A very professional and personal experience for me. Many thanks again.” Catherine (Cassie) Doyle – August 2018.”

“Brilliant service. You have impressed us with Enthusiast claim service; this was our first.” Rick Davis of Sarina Insurance & Financial Services – October 2018

  • Accident Damage or Theft

    What You must do;

    • Contact us immediately. If your vehicle is stolen or you have an accident contact us immediately to provide the details of the incident. We will then advise you what is required next.
    • If your vehicle is stolen you must contact the police as soon as you can to lodge a report and obtain the necessary documentation.
    • Prevent further damage or loss. Do your best to prevent any further damage or loss by having your vehicle moved to a safe place or securing it as best you can.

    Call the experienced claims controllers on 1800 10 10 45.

    Our comprehensive motor vehicle policy can provide a hire vehicle for a maximum period of 14 days when your vehicle is stolen. If your vehicle is recovered with damage you can continue to have the hire car for the full 14 days, or until your vehicle is repaired or your claim is settled whichever occurs first.

  • Windscreen claims

    For windscreen or other car glass damage you can:

    Call O’Brien Glass direct on 1800 800 889. As our recommended supplier for automotive glass O’Brien Glass provide a 24-hour claims service and will manage the entire claim process for you.

    Remember repairing a windscreen is much easier than replacing one. If you have a damaged windscreen try to attend to it immediately, as it can often be repaired rather than replaced.

  • Claims against you

    If another party involved in the collision contacts you, please advise Enthusiast Motor Insurance immediately. We still require a claim notification from you even if there is no damage to your vehicle. Please do not make any admissions of liability and don’t attempt to settle any claims made against you without contacting us first.

  • Excess

    The excess is the amount you have to contribute towards your claim. The amount of your basic excess will depend on a variety of factors including vehicle age and levels of use. Your Schedule will state your basic policy excess. Additional excesses can apply depending on the age and license details of the driver of your vehicle.

    No fault excess – your excess may not apply if you are not at fault for an accident and you can provide details of the driver who caused the collision.

    No claim bonus (rating) – your no claims bonus may be affected if you are responsible for the collision or if you cannot identify the responsible party. Rating One protection is optional on all Enthusiast comprehensive motor policies. This means that you will not lose your “maximum no claim bonus” following a claim provided the vehicle was being driven by you, or any nominated driver who appears on your current Schedule.


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