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Why Enthusiast?

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Easy to transact – Quick Quote

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Easy to transact – Quick Quote

At Enthusiast Motor Insurance we want to make it as easy as possible to insure your much loved vehicle at the best possible cost. That is why we offer an online facility that gives you an answer at the time of day that is suitable for you.

However, there may be circumstances where one of our underwriters needs to opine on a risk matter. In those circumstances, you can be sure that you will talk with someone who knows and understands why you choose to drive a special vehicle and why you want it properly protected against a range of perils.

The people who own, manage and work for Enthusiast Motor have all spent many years in the specialised vehicle insurance market.

Senior underwriters at Enthusiast have also been closely involved for the majority of their lives with the kinds of cars you own and love.

Among our management team are people who have built, restored and even raced a wide range of vehicles, worked as automotive industry valuers, judged at major car shows, organised motoring events and written about an extensive range of models in motoring and car-club magazines.


Ready to insure many different vehicles and nominated drivers

Our list of acceptable vehicles isn’t confined to the mainstream.

Even modified cars don’t scare us at all. Providing the changes made to a car comply with registration requirements and you can provide engineering approvals for modifications that require them, we are happy to consider it for cover. Enthusiast Motor wants to build relationships with clients of all ages. If you’re young and take a responsible attitude to driving and maintaining your special vehicle Enthusiast will do its best to design a policy that will deliver the cover you need at a sensible cost.

Theft is a major problem with older vehicles. They have fewer in-built security features than modern models and owners who install a quality anti-theft device will be rewarded with lower premiums. In some cases, a self-arming engine immobiliser or even monitored tracking device will be mandatory before we can offer theft cover. However, the cost of the equipment will quickly be recouped via the premium savings it will generate. Should you need to claim on your Enthusiast policy, we are there to help.

Just call and let us know what’s happened, download and complete a claim form, get a repair quote and let us know where the vehicle can be inspected. The process is that simple.

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