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December 5th, 2017

During the 1990s you couldn’t pick up a specialist motor magazine or the classifieds section of your weekend paper without being peppered by advertisements featuring Toyotas, Nissans, Mazdas and other Japanese models with quite unusual names.

If you wanted a Gloria, Silvia, Soarer or Starlet somebody with an import quota would sell you one. Imported 4WDs with turbo-diesel engines and guarantees of ‘no beach driving’ arrived in their thousands but were rusting even as they left the boat. What the suppliers forgot to mention was that the export holding yards in Japan were absolute waterfrontages and when a typhoon came ashore so did waves that drenched the waiting vehicles in salt water.

Among the most popular 1990s imports was the R33 Series Nissan Skyline. Available as a sedan or coupe with two or four doors these provided fine family transport and – in turbocharged form – cheap fodder for those with a need for speed.

Faster again and these days harbouring some hope of ‘classic’ status were R32 Nissan GTRs – the fearsome ‘Godzilla’ – and twin-turbo Toyota Supras. To that brief list you can add any surviving Mazda Familia All-Wheel Drives, Corolla Sprinters and Levins and very early Mitsubishi EVOs.

Still popping up here and there are Toyota Surf 4wds (similar to the locally-sold 4Runner), Toyota Estima and Mitsubishi Delica vans. There may even be the odd Nissan EsCargo delivery van kicking about.

Of course there are still Japanese-market vehicles being brought into Australia. However the numbers are far smaller and more targeted to buyer needs than 20 years ago.

As an insurer which accepts all manner of low-volume or personally-imported vehicles, Enthusiast Insurance is today likely to see exotic performance cars such as Lamborghinis and Aston-Martins coming from Europe or SE Asia. We also insure the Nissan Elgrand van – popular as transport for wheelchair-bound people – and the similar Toyota Noah.

We still offer cover on the older Japanese import models too, with no issues even if you’ve made some significant Modifications (within legal limits of course). Many 1990s imports have done their time as daily transport and today travel very Limited Distances. That makes them ideal candidates for Enthusiast Grey Import Motor Insurance, where distance travelled is a major factor in determining how much premium you pay.

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  1. Sharon Milne says:

    I have a Nissan Elgrand 2005 model to get comprehensive insurance please

    • admin says:

      Hi Sharon,
      Thank you for your enquiry & apologies for the delayed response as this Blog you commented on was posted a while back.
      Glad you found us though!
      To get a quote for your Nissan Elgrand you can either go to our online quoting system – Click on QUICK QUOTE from our website
      OR Call us on 1800 10 10 44.
      We look forward to quoting for your Nissan.

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