Enthusiast Motor Insurance


Making a claim on your Enthusiast Motor Insurance policy is quick and easy;

1. DOWNLOAD the right form
2. COMPLETE all the information in the form
3. SAVE the completed form
4. EMAIL us the completed form

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our claim forms can not be completed from mobile devices. You must download from a desktop computer, or alternatively email us and we will send you the right form to complete.

Once you have downloaded the ONE claim form please type in your answers to the questions contained therein. SAVE the document to your computer.

Send the ONE completed form via email to claims@enthusiast.com.au

Our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is available for you to view online or you may open the PDF version for printing or saving to your system.

Accidental Damage

What You must do if you have had an accident;

Fire & Theft

What You must do if your car is stolen and/ or affected by fire;

Windscreen claims

If you chose to include excess-free glass cover or other glass protection as part of your policy coverage and you have windscreen or other car glass damage you can:

Claims against you

If another party involved in the collision contacts you, please advise Enthusiast Motor Insurance immediately. We still require a claim notification from you even if there is no damage to your vehicle. Please do not make any admissions of liability and don’t attempt to settle any claims made against you without contacting us first.


The excess is the amount you have to contribute towards your claim. The amount of your basic excess will depend on a variety of factors including vehicle age and levels of use. Your Schedule will state your basic policy excess. Additional excesses can apply depending on the age and license details of the driver of your vehicle.

No fault excess – your excess may not apply if you are not at fault for an accident and you can provide details of the driver who caused the collision.