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Redefining the Sunday Driver

No, we don’t mean that annoying person driving way under the speed limit in front of you. Sunday Driver
is a term used by motor enthusiasts alike, when lovingly referring to the special car they take out on
rare occasions like…a sunday drive.

As car enthusiasts, there’s one particular trait that binds us together – we all have pride of ownership
in our vehicles. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve built your car yourself; have modified it to get the
best performance; you only drive the latest model; or whether you simply just use it to get from A to B
(keeping it spick and span in the process). People love their cars for different reasons.

Get ready to meet a diverse mix of car enthusiasts who’ll each show you the true meaning of Sunday

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Do you own a Sunday Driver?

Protect what’s important to you with Enthusiast Motor Insurance because when you drive less, you spend less.


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