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Giuseppe’s Chevy truck is built different

The rise in popularity of cars ‘n’ coffee events has introduced us to a world of people who may not go to traditional car shows but still love cars and taking their righteous ride out for a cruise. One of these people is Brisbane’s Giuseppe Petroccitto, who carries the keys to this sweet ’52 Chevy 3100 pick-up truck.

52 Chevy 3100 pick-up truck at Cars & Coffee

We caught up with Giuseppe for a Q&A session about his killer cruiser

Enthusiast: What attracted you to a classic US pick-up?

GP: Probably the Canary Yellow colour [laughs]! The old joke in my family is that you don’t stop working ‘til your garage looks like a movie set. I saw one of these trucks in a Superman movie and decided I needed one as I love the small town America vibe.

Did it take much work to get the truck how you like it?

GP: We have ended up redoing the whole chassis and it now has coilover suspension all ‘round. Instead of the old in-line six it has a 350ci Chevy small-block but it still retains its column shift, which is really important for me. Out of everything I own it’s probably the slowest but it has a different vibe.

What other toys at home?

GP: Along with the Chev truck I’ve got a 700hp True Blue XY GT Falcon tribute, a ’70 Dodge Charger R/T, a ’67 Fastback Mustang I’m about to build up, and an EB GT Falcon. I wanted cool, iconic cars that would have stopped me in my tracks if I saw them drive by when I was younger, and I never thought I’d be in a position to own some of these cars but I’ve been fortunate.

The truck seems like the odd one out; what do you love about it?

GP: This truck had to be engineered as a three-seater, because we throw my baby daughter in the middle and it’s just the best going for a cruise as a family. I thought I might sell the truck before I embark on my big Mustang build but now I love it so it will stay around.

Are cars and cruising a family sport for you?

GP: I used to race motorbikes and had fun doing track days. But now I need A/C, baby seats and reliable performance in my cars as I like taking my wife and daughter with me. And with baby number two on the way it is important I share my hobby with them.