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Cover for Enthusiasts
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We can cover nearly every make and model no matter what year


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Tailored coverage so you can have peace of mind if an accident happens


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We offer affordable, comprehensive insurance for all types of vehicles from Show Cars, Modified Cars, Laid Up Vehicles, Conditional, Imported and Classic Cars.

5 STARS - Private Motor sml

Enthusiams from Our Happy Customers

When a potential client is about to enter into an agreement that has counterparty risk, the emphasis that can frighten people off, is that four letter word, R-I-S-K. Being one of your happy clients, I had weighed up that R-I-S-K goes both ways. I, as a client, had researched the ‘balance’ between benefits and potential difficulties – whether or not that balance had to deal with repairs, quality of finish, sum insured, excess, salvage and so on. So, I have made I think, a good decision about balancing R-I-S-K”.

Terry Tung-Yep
Owner of Skyline GT-R N1s

Valuable Cover

We provide affordable motor vehicle insurance across Australia with a committed team of highly professional staff. Enthusiast offers a responsive claims service that will get your vehicle assessed and repaired as quickly as possible.

We provide discounted pricing on policies with multiple vehicles

We embrace the network that car enthusiasts create

Tailored Insurance for your
Tailored vehicle

Enthusiast Motor Insurance brings to the market a unique blend of custom car insurance,
motor vehicle knowledge and exceptional service.

Agreed value policies

Peace of mind - you know what your car is valued at in the event of a loss

On-shore customer service team

Our teams are based in Australia and packed with Enthusiasts

Choice of

Our customers can decide where their car is repaired

Lifetime repair guarantee

All repairs carried out by qualified and licensed people are covered by a lifetime repair guarantee.

Salvage rights

You can keep your vehicle after a total loss if your vehicle is more than 30 years old

No penalty for loyalty

We treat new and existing customers the same, meaning no premium increase on renewal due to a joining offer expiring

About Us

Our goal is to deliver outstanding insurance experiences through the shared love of vehicles.

Enthusiast started in 2010, writing over 75,000 policies in that time. Our team has a strong presence across Australia, striving to provide the best possible experience for our customers.  

Our Australian team is working hard to protect Enthusiasts’ vehicles for future generations.

Backed by Experience!

Enthusiast is proudly underwritten by Assetinsure Pty Ltd, a specialist insurer
that has been operating in the
Australian market for 20 years.

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