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History of.. Car Brands in Australia – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Recently there came news that shocked a big proportion of Australia’s motor vehicle owners. The announcement concerned shelving by General Motors of the Holden brand, a sell-off of vehicles currently in stock at Holden dealerships and an end to imports of cars and commercial vehicles carrying the famous ‘Lion’ emblem. This came as a huge […]

Classic Car Ownership – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

Walk around a car show or club display day next weekend and a worrying trend will become apparent. Unless the club caters specifically to later models, there will still be row upon row of older models; maintained just as they were when new. However, what will be noticeably older are the owners, with younger people […]

Car Swap Meet – What are they? – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

If you own an interesting motor vehicle you may well have trawled through the rows of someone else’s junk (punctuated by the occasional treasure) that define a typical automotive swap meet. A couple of hundred such events are staged every year throughout Australia. Most occur within or close to the nation’s most populated regions and […]

Buying a Classic or Unique Car at Auction – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

If you are one of the many who closely follow automotive auction sales, then you will have been busier than a one-armed barber during the past 12 months. All in a rush and close together we have seen several of Australia’s most significant collections of motor vehicles being broken up and sold. Vehicles going under […]

History of the Chevrolet Camaro in Australia – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

A while back we took a look at the influence Ford’s latest Mustang is having on Australian car-buying choices. Now it’s the turn of General Motors’ Camaro to take up where the lamented HSV Commodore range left off and deliver old-style performance to a new audience. The Camaro was a car that from its earliest […]

History of the Mag Wheels – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

Like a lot of elements available to industry, magnesium is pretty dangerous stuff.  However, over many years its wilder nature has been tamed to produce some special and very useful products. Magnesium, or ‘elektron’ as it is sometimes known, has been used commercially since the 19th Century and for automotive components – mainly in racing […]

History of the Ford Mustang in Australia – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

Australia’s links to the Ford Mustang date back more than 50 years, back to when fearless racers led by Norm Beechey, Bob Jane and Ian Geoghegan imported Mustangs to contest the local Touring Car Championship. Ford Australia didn’t take long to conclude that people who had seen a Mustang win on Sunday might want to […]

Market Is Down, Could Be A Good Time To Buy

Figures released recently by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) confirm what many in the motor industry had been fearing – a significant sales slump during 2018. However, given the massive restructuring that has been affecting the industry and various other economic factors, a 35,000 downturn on the record of 1,189,000 set in 2017 […]

Buying a Classic Sports Car – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

Once upon a time and not very long ago, owning a sports car to use on weekends or warm summer night was considered an extravagance which few people could afford or justify. Add to that the perception that sports cars were noisy, draughty and leaked water through their ill-fitting hoods and it’s understandable that most […]