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History of – Car Rallies and Marathons – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

As an insurer involved predominantly with much loved and rarely driven vehicles, Enthusiast Insurance isn’t prominent in the world of automotive adventuring. However, we still  acknowledge and celebrate the legacy of those extraordinary people who created the heritage  of long-distance rallying.  Call them Rallies or Marathons, Safaris, Trials or Raids, these events attracted a profusion […]

Tips to buying at Car Auctions – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Lots of us during this time of travel bans and zero interest rates will have toyed with the idea of acquiring another ‘hobby’ vehicle. Or perhaps buying our very first. Throughout our post-2019 world, the prices being sought and sometimes realised by interesting vehicles have been behaving in strangeish ways. However, the numbers on the […]

History of Car Auctions – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

There is nothing that quickens the heart of a dedicated shopper like raising your hand or clicking a mouse to nail an auction sale bargain. During the Age of Lockdown and as conventional forms of commerce faltered, online auctions became an essential part of the vehicle buying process and also a spectator sport. They also […]

History of the Aussie Ute – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Australia, located as it is a long way from everywhere, has needed to be inventive and self-reliant. This was never more evident than in the early 1930s when the country was beset by a savage and enduring economic Depression. The tale, so history has it, concerns a farmer who could only afford one vehicle which […]

Are bespoke luxury cars a thing of the past?

The recent demise of Bristol Cars removed yet another prominent name from a sector of the vehicle market that has been dying for decades. Here we are not looking at the replica industry, which each year adds thousands of ‘tribute’ Cobras, GT40s, Jaguars, Lamborghinis and others to global vehicle numbers.  The products of brands once […]

History of.. Bespoke Luxury Cars – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Last time we looked at the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) in the global market and how their popularity will inevitably bring change to motoring in Australia. Now is the time to check possible options for those entering the EV market, the benefits, and downsides. Cost: Looking down the list of electric vehicles available to […]

A Future With Electric Cars – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Just a couple of years ago, that heading would have run in a different order and ended with a question mark. Not any more. Time has moved incredibly fast for the automotive industry and within a decade the Electric Vehicle (or EV) will absolutely dominate the global market for passenger cars. The recent announcement by […]

Million Dollar Holdens and a Market that refuses to bust

A feature of the Australian ethos is that we rarely behave in ways the rest of the world might expect. When the Covid-19 Pandemic struck and some other nations ignored the threat or at best hedged their bets, we shut our airports, told people to wear masks and work from home. In some places we […]

History off.. Classic Police Cars From the Past – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

You can understand how the world’s automotive enthusiasts might, in years past, have recoiled at the sight of police vehicles that we now regard as ‘classics’. Today the reverse is true with these once threatening devices being viewed with fascination rather than fear. Australia took some time before participating in the preservation of ex-police vehicles. […]