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Building her first car – Jasmine Green and her story

From “not a car person” to an award-winning mini truck builder, get a sneak peak at who we’re profiling in our upcoming Sunday Driver episode. A barista by day and a dirt biker in her spare time, 2012 was the year Jasmine Green searched for an affordable truck to haul her bikes from track to […]

History of.. Hyundai Excel – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

While it was the subject of scorn since its release, today the Hyundai Excel deserves to be recognised as a classic car. Stop laughing; when you look at the facts objectively you all know I’m right. Although it is one of the most hotly contested topics on the Internet, classic cars come in all shapes […]

History of.. Drag ‘n’ Drive – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

In 2005 Hot Rod Magazine kick-started a trend which has revolutionised how many people enjoy their automotive hobby today: Drag Week. Born from an idea David Freiburger had to find the fastest and quickest genuine street car in America, 40 cars were entered into a 1500-mile torture test, racing at five different drag strips in […]

History of.. Silver State Classic – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

In rural Nevada, State Highway 318 winds its way through high desert alongside the White River as a mix of open, flowing straights and curves interspersed with tighter, more technical sections requiring caution. Starting at a junction near Crystal Springs and terminating near the town of Ely, this backroad shortcut of State Route 93 is […]

Car modifications – Yes or No? – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Let’s get something straight right off the bat: people have been modifying and customising their cars since Karl Benz strapped a phonograph to his Patent-Motorwagen and went cruising for chicks in downtown Mannheim (possibly). The point is, despite what commenters on the internet would have you believe, modifying cars is a key part of the […]

History of.. Classic Cars & Their Flaws

Countless times cars have been launched to huge praise as they are considered the best thing to do whatever they’re designer for, be that going fast, traversing off-road areas, hauling loads, and more. But, despite rapturous acclaim, they normally aren’t the vehicles that go on to be loved by enthusiasts the world over. Porsche’s early […]

History of.. Price of Collectable Cars Over Time – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Looking at the billions, perhaps trillions, spent over the years on collectible motor vehicles you could be forgiven for thinking it had always been that way. In reality, the surging growth and resultant downturns that characterise the specialist vehicle market are quite recent phenomenons, originating in the late 1970s. A decade before that time it […]

Bad Luck Car Stories – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Car enthusiasts can be a superstitious bunch, with many urban legends abounding around certain markers which seem to predict a sad fate. In racing circles some believe green cars or the number 13 bring bad luck and misfortune, while there are countless stories of ghost cars, trinkets and mascots bringing good fortune or safety, and […]

Legal and Illegal Car Modifications – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Enthusiast is one of few insurers that will cover vehicles with all manner of legal modifications, but there are some alterations that are looked on with less favour than others. There are companies that decline even quite innocuous changes though and disclosing any alterations that have been made to a vehicle is important. There are […]