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History of Car Auctions – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

There is nothing that quickens the heart of a dedicated shopper like raising your hand or clicking a mouse to nail an auction sale bargain. During the Age of Lockdown and as conventional forms of commerce faltered, online auctions became an essential part of the vehicle buying process and also a spectator sport. They also […]

History of the Aussie Ute – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Australia, located as it is a long way from everywhere, has needed to be inventive and self-reliant. This was never more evident than in the early 1930s when the country was beset by a savage and enduring economic Depression. The tale, so history has it, concerns a farmer who could only afford one vehicle which […]

History off.. Classic Police Cars From the Past – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

You can understand how the world’s automotive enthusiasts might, in years past, have recoiled at the sight of police vehicles that we now regard as ‘classics’. Today the reverse is true with these once threatening devices being viewed with fascination rather than fear. Australia took some time before participating in the preservation of ex-police vehicles. […]

History of the Hot Rod Car – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

No points for guessing that the hot-rod movement began life in the USA. But the reasons behind its existence and even the origins of the name remain shrouded in conjecture. Money certainly played a role. Or lack of it, more to the point. Late-1930s America was a country emerging from Depression, where new cars were […]

History of.. Collecting Classic Cars Around the World – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

If you own a vehicle that’s 25 or 30 years old and not driven very often there’s a good chance you have discovered the benefits of Concessional Registration. Even if you’re considering buying an older vehicle, joining a club and exploring the availability of ‘Historic rego’ is worthwhile. Schemes that slash ownership costs for older […]

Starting a Classic Car Project – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

In a changing world where some people need access to ready cash and others have more spare time than they can use, automotive ‘projects’ have been appearing for sale literally everywhere and selling well. Buying one of these sight unseen can be a risky endeavour, so do confine your choices if possible, to local vehicles […]

Cleaning Your Car – Removing Seats – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Recent global events will in the months ahead lead many Australians to be quarantined at home or laid off from their normal jobs. This confinement might last for a few days or several months and life stuck in your own home can become remarkably boring. Sitting on the couch watching comedies that weren’t funny the […]

History of the Chevrolet Camaro in Australia – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

A while back we took a look at the influence Ford’s latest Mustang is having on Australian car-buying choices. Now it’s the turn of General Motors’ Camaro to take up where the lamented HSV Commodore range left off and deliver old-style performance to a new audience. The Camaro was a car that from its earliest […]

History of the Mag Wheels – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

Like a lot of elements available to industry, magnesium is pretty dangerous stuff.  However, over many years its wilder nature has been tamed to produce some special and very useful products. Magnesium, or ‘elektron’ as it is sometimes known, has been used commercially since the 19th Century and for automotive components – mainly in racing […]

Market Is Down, Could Be A Good Time To Buy

Figures released recently by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) confirm what many in the motor industry had been fearing – a significant sales slump during 2018. However, given the massive restructuring that has been affecting the industry and various other economic factors, a 35,000 downturn on the record of 1,189,000 set in 2017 […]