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Alternatives to Petrol Cars – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Every few months, the doomsayers find ways to flood media outlets with gloomy tales of a world in which carbon-based fuels have disappeared and we are left queuing for our turn at the fast charger or waiting for hydrogen that may never materialise. One day of course, it will become harder to buy petrol and […]

History of. The Fibreglass Car – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Fibreglass is a product that many of us would associate with surfboards or uncle’s fishing dinghy, but not with cars. Not a lot of Australians have owned a car made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (aka GRP), but many of the limited production vehicles made here and overseas used it for partial or complete car bodies. […]

History of.. The Muscle Car – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

North America’s love affair with fast and powerful cars began long before the market saw its first ‘muscle’ machines. The attraction began during the era of Hollywood superstardom, when movie icons would be photographed beside their expensive and immensely powerful Duesenbergs, Packards, Cords and Cadillacs. At the same time and on other side of the […]

History of Car Auctions – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

There is nothing that quickens the heart of a dedicated shopper like raising your hand or clicking a mouse to nail an auction sale bargain. During the Age of Lockdown and as conventional forms of commerce faltered, online auctions became an essential part of the vehicle buying process and also a spectator sport. They also […]

History of the Hot Rod Car – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

No points for guessing that the hot-rod movement began life in the USA. But the reasons behind its existence and even the origins of the name remain shrouded in conjecture. Money certainly played a role. Or lack of it, more to the point. Late-1930s America was a country emerging from Depression, where new cars were […]

History of.. Collecting Classic Cars Around the World – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

If you own a vehicle that’s 25 or 30 years old and not driven very often there’s a good chance you have discovered the benefits of Concessional Registration. Even if you’re considering buying an older vehicle, joining a club and exploring the availability of ‘Historic rego’ is worthwhile. Schemes that slash ownership costs for older […]

Sundaydriver – Episode 1

Andy Colalillo leaning up against his 1934 Ford Roadster

Starting at the tender age of seven, this was the first car Andy ever built from the ground up with the help of his dad – legendary hot rod and custom car builder, Mario Colalillo. Dubbed his “forever car”, see what makes this Ford Roadster one in a million. 

History of Classic Car Collecting – Post 1990 – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Anyone who has been around cars since the 1970’s will have witnessed continual shifts in the value of vehicles that we regard today as ‘classics’. Before 1960, older cars that had been preserved would be described as ‘vintage’ or maybe ‘antique’. The term ‘classic’ didn’t become common until used in the titles of books or […]

What is a Muscle Car – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

The term ‘muscle car’ is attributed to a US motoring journalist and the car he was writing about at the time; a specially equipped 1964 Pontiac Tempest. However, by the 1970s, muscle cars were appearing everywhere, but most likely built in the United States. Starting in 1964 and ending in 1971-72 the era of the […]