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Buying a Classic Sports Car – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

Once upon a time and not very long ago, owning a sports car to use on weekends or warm summer night was considered an extravagance which few people could afford or justify. Add to that the perception that sports cars were noisy, draughty and leaked water through their ill-fitting hoods and it’s understandable that most […]

Rules for Importing Cars Into Australia – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

Look back 30 years through the eyes of anyone wanting to privately import a car to Australia and you will find a confusion of rules, requirements and prohibitions existing at Federal and State levels. At one stage there were seemingly no rules at all. The Northern Territory and ACT both welcomed cars of foreign manufacture […]

Building a car for Concours D’elegance Events – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

Preparing a car for top-level concours d’elegance display has been described as the most excruciating form of masochism ever devised. To onlookers, the cars so perfectly presented for judging are in ‘showroom’ condition. In reality they take even the most exacting of manufacturers’ standards to new heights. Some concours exponents will say that the best […]

History of.. Relationship Between Music & Cars – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

Ever since radios were fitted to cars back in the 1930s, music and motor vehicles have played a role in each other’s existence. FM radio came to vehicles in 1952, followed during the 1960s by tape players and William Lear’s 8-Track cartridge, then CD stackers, MP3 interfaces and Spotify. The sounds coming out of these […]

History of Australian Car Industry – Pre and Post 1948 – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

Some people think that Australia’s automotive industry dates from 1948 when the first Holden was built. Not so. Australia began making motor vehicles when the Nation was still a conglomerate of British colonies. One of our automotive pioneers was Victorian Herbert Thomson, who in 1900 drove his steam-powered ‘horseless carriage’ from Sydney to Melbourne. History […]

What is a Vintage Car & Getting Insurance – Enthusiast

No one alive today will have owned a vintage-era car from brand new and very few would remember even riding in a new car built before 1930. That’s the internationally acknowledged cut-off year for a vehicle to be designated ‘Vintage’. Even more exclusive are Veteran models which need to have been built before 1 January […]

Insuring Modified Cars & What you need to know – Enthusiast

You can hear it in the voices of car owners whose attempts to complete an on-line quote have been foiled by an ominous message popping onto the screen. Usually it will read something like; ‘Vehicle Does Not Meet Underwriting Requirements, Please Contact Insurer’ and translate into ‘We Don’t Want Your Hot-Rod Here’. If the company […]

Laid Up Car Insurance For Cars That Are Not Roadworthy – Enthusiast

At Enthusiast Insurance it is common to hear from car owners wanting to insure their partially restored vehicle ‘once it’s finished’. Some are quite shocked to learn they can insure practically any vehicle, even dismantled and unpainted, so long as it’s properly stored and protected against storm or malicious damage. Enthusiast’s ‘Laid Up’ cover is […]