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History of Car Auctions – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

There is nothing that quickens the heart of a dedicated shopper like raising your hand or clicking a mouse to nail an auction sale bargain. During the Age of Lockdown and as conventional forms of commerce faltered, online auctions became an essential part of the vehicle buying process and also a spectator sport. They also […]

History of the Aussie Ute – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Australia, located as it is a long way from everywhere, has needed to be inventive and self-reliant. This was never more evident than in the early 1930s when the country was beset by a savage and enduring economic Depression. The tale, so history has it, concerns a farmer who could only afford one vehicle which […]

Million Dollar Holdens and a Market that refuses to bust

A feature of the Australian ethos is that we rarely behave in ways the rest of the world might expect. When the Covid-19 Pandemic struck and some other nations ignored the threat or at best hedged their bets, we shut our airports, told people to wear masks and work from home. In some places we […]

History of.. Collecting Classic Cars Around the World – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

If you own a vehicle that’s 25 or 30 years old and not driven very often there’s a good chance you have discovered the benefits of Concessional Registration. Even if you’re considering buying an older vehicle, joining a club and exploring the availability of ‘Historic rego’ is worthwhile. Schemes that slash ownership costs for older […]

History of Classic Car Collecting – Pre-1990 – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

While insanely high interest rates contributed to the 1990’s decline in classic vehicle values, the reverse applied during the following decade. Collapsing rates during the mid-2000’s, allied to rising property values saw buyers access home equity to fund a ‘hobby’ car.  That was all to end in tears as well. Stories emerging from that time […]

History of Classic Car Collecting – Post 1990 – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Anyone who has been around cars since the 1970’s will have witnessed continual shifts in the value of vehicles that we regard today as ‘classics’. Before 1960, older cars that had been preserved would be described as ‘vintage’ or maybe ‘antique’. The term ‘classic’ didn’t become common until used in the titles of books or […]

What is a Muscle Car – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

The term ‘muscle car’ is attributed to a US motoring journalist and the car he was writing about at the time; a specially equipped 1964 Pontiac Tempest. However, by the 1970s, muscle cars were appearing everywhere, but most likely built in the United States. Starting in 1964 and ending in 1971-72 the era of the […]

Starting a Classic Car Project – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

In a changing world where some people need access to ready cash and others have more spare time than they can use, automotive ‘projects’ have been appearing for sale literally everywhere and selling well. Buying one of these sight unseen can be a risky endeavour, so do confine your choices if possible, to local vehicles […]

Modern Classic Cars & Changing Technology – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Deeming anything a ‘classic’ before it has proven its worth is risky. Tastes change, so does the economic health of the world and environmental concerns. Established Classic vehicles built 30-100+ years ago are still relatively easy to buy and enjoyable to own. However, if you are attracted to models that represent the post-1990 era then […]

Classic Car Ownership – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

Walk around a car show or club display day next weekend and a worrying trend will become apparent. Unless the club caters specifically to later models, there will still be row upon row of older models; maintained just as they were when new. However, what will be noticeably older are the owners, with younger people […]