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Sunday Driver
For the love of cars

Protect what’s important to you with Enthusiast Motor insurance because when you drive less, you spend less.

Sunday Driver
For the love of cars

Protect what’s important to you with Enthusiast Motor insurance because when you drive less, you spend less.


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1967 P10 Chevrolet Van

Redefining the Sunday Driver

No, we don’t mean that annoying person driving way under the speed limit in front of you. Sunday Driver is a term used by motor enthusiasts alike, when lovingly referring to the special car they take out on rare occasions like…a sunday drive.

As car enthusiasts, there’s one particular trait that binds us together – we all have pride of ownership in our vehicles. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve built your car yourself; have modified it to get the best performance; you only drive the latest model; or whether you simply just use it to get from A to B (keeping it spick and span in the process). People love their cars for different reasons.

Get ready to meet a diverse mix of car enthusiasts who’ll each show you the true meaning of Sunday Driver.

Nick Caminiti and his 1967 P10 Chevrolet Van

Nick chose to rebuild this iconic step van as his latest project car. Find out how this internationally awarded car wrap king turned a tired old taco van into a one-of-a-kind slammed truck.


What modifications have you done to your Sunday Driver?

No Ordinary Ride

We’re into precious metal, and love 
looking after others who feel the same. 
Rare make, model or vintage? 
Bring it on.


Got a modified vehicle?

We stand out from the crowd, proudly offering tailored coverage for your unique rides, modified vehicles, agreed value, choice of repairer, and salvage rights options. At Enthusiast, we know how deeply you care and how you feel about your modified vehicles. Drive with peace of mind, knowing your modified vehicle is covered with us.
1967 P10 Chevrolet Van


1967 P10 Chevrolet Van

What is your vehicle's value?

We take pride in being a preferred choice for specialised motor insurance, offering tailored coverage for your distinctive cars. Together, we’ll establish a mutually agreed value, considering your modifications and unique features. This agreed value is crucial for custom or rare models, which can be worth above and beyond standard vehicles. Drive with confidence, knowing that our tailored coverage backs your one-of-a-kind vehicle.


Your choice of repairer

At Enthusiast, we recognise the dedication behind every modified vehicle owner.

In the unfortunate event of a claim, we allow you to use your own trusted repairer, or we can connect you to one of our trusted repairers.

Enjoy the road, knowing that Enthusiast has your unique vehicle covered!

1967 P10 Chevrolet Van
1967 P10 Chevrolet Van

Agreed value policies

Peace of mind - you know what your car is valued at in the event of a loss

1967 P10 Chevrolet Van

Got a modified vehicle?

We know a lot about Modified cars, some of our staff have owned and built them and we know what it takes to insure them.

1967 P10 Chevrolet Van

Choice of repairer

Our customers can decide where their car is repaired

A Californian Dream

Nick was on the hunt for his next car build and had decided he wanted a P10 Chevrolet van. This tired old Californian taco truck was the perfect blank canvas for Nick to work his magic.

Once Nick got his hands on it, he and his team got to work pulling it down completely and extensively rebuilding it from the ground up. Often referred to as one of the ‘children’ of the Caminiti family, this step van is a one-of-a-kind in Australia and the world.

1967 P10 Chevrolet Van
1967 P10 Chevrolet Van

The Slammed Step Van Everyone Wants

This little P10 Chev has experienced a level of customisation very few get to enjoy, making it a car that turns heads, no matter where it goes. Covered in a unique custom wrap featuring UV lensing for a wicked 3D effect, a fully sheet metalled interior with a custom hand painted mural by internationally recognised Melbourne-based artist Mayonaize, full AccuAir system, chesterfield cigar lounge style seats, topped off with a LS2 engine out of a VE Holden Commodore and a six speed automatic transmission.

Enjoy the drive

Leave the insurance to us

We offer affordable, comprehensive insurance for all types of vehicles from Show Cars, Modified Cars, Laid Up Vehicles, Conditional, Imported and Classic Cars.

Enthusiams from Our Happy Customers

1967 P10 Chevrolet Van

Frequently Asked Questions

As Enthusiasts, we know that some vehicles weren’t perfect when rolling off the factory floor. For that reason, we have made sure these modified vehicles still get the coverage they deserve. Our modified cover requires policyholders to disclose all modifications to their vehicles in order to be covered under the policy. Any modification to the covered vehicles is required to comply with the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and/or the Australian Vehicle Standards Rules (AVSR). This includes any in-service requirements of the AVSR and compliance with the equivalent regulations of a State or Territory of Australia. 

We know our clients care about their vehicles and wouldn’t hand the keys to someone they don’t trust. For that reason, we can provide lower pricing to our customers by only covering nominated drivers on the policy. You will need to nominate every driver of your vehicle for your vehicle to be covered whilst they are driving. If a driver of the vehicle has an accident and they aren’t nominated or named on the policy, then we won’t cover the accident.

The vehicles we cover don’t normally fit into the daily driver category, so naturally, they often see less use over a given year.  A vehicle that does a lower number of kilometres in a year can be identified by us as a lower risk. Therefore, we can use the odometer information you provide to lower your premium based on the number of kilometres the car travels in a policy year.

This benefit that allows you to choose to keep the salvage of your total loss vehicle. In the case of a total loss, you will be able to take any parts off that vehicle you desire. This will however, require you to collect the vehicle from the holding location and dispose of any unwanted parts yourself at your own expense. This benefit with Enthusiast can either be a automatic or an optional extra, depending on your vehicle’s age. Please see the Policy Disclosure Statement for more information.

Our in-house Australian-based claims team will be on-hand to handle any claim you have with us. They can handle all your claims enquiries via phone or email and are available Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm AEST. Additionally, you can download a claims form from the website at any time to start your claim process.


We will cover Modifications which you have listed in your Schedule or given us details of in writing, and which we have accepted.

Enthusiast Underwriting Pty Ltd ABN 35 142 206 746; AFS Licence No. 396716 has designed this insurance product for the specific needs of motoring enthusiasts throughout Australia. This insurance is issued by Assetinsure Pty Limited (ABN 65 066463 803) and is subject to underwriting acceptance criteria. Assetinsure is licensed by APRA in Australia. Assetinsure has granted Enthusiast a Binding Authority to market, underwrite, bind cover and manage this policy. Enthusiast Underwriting Pty Ltd acts as an Underwriting Agent on behalf of Assetinsure and not as your agent. To decide if it is right for you, please carefully read our Product Disclosure Statement before you make any decision. You can obtain it from Enthusiast Motor Insurance by calling 1800 10 10 44.