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World Car Sales do a Covid-19 Nosedive – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

If you are still driving in 20 years’ time and a car manufactured back in 2020 takes your fancy, finding one might be a big ask. When the Pandemic went global during March of this year, among the first areas to be significantly affected were travel and transport. The latter was marked by a huge […]

History of Classic Car Collecting – Post 1990 – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Anyone who has been around cars since the 1970’s will have witnessed continual shifts in the value of vehicles that we regard today as ‘classics’. Before 1960, older cars that had been preserved would be described as ‘vintage’ or maybe ‘antique’. The term ‘classic’ didn’t become common until used in the titles of books or […]

What is a Muscle Car – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

The term ‘muscle car’ is attributed to a US motoring journalist and the car he was writing about at the time; a specially equipped 1964 Pontiac Tempest. However, by the 1970s, muscle cars were appearing everywhere, but most likely built in the United States. Starting in 1964 and ending in 1971-72 the era of the […]

Cleaning Your Car Dashboard – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Who would have thought that cleaning that lump of plastic, metal, timber or fibreglass that houses your car’s instruments and radio could be such a chore to get clean and keep that way? Dashboards made of unusual materials need special cleaning techniques but the plastic dash is these days by far the most common so […]

Buying a Car Online Without Inspecting It – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Recent events have changed a lot within the automotive world, however many of us will still need to buy cars. Some lucky folk with leases or other term purchase arrangements will usually be looking for another new model and here the internet can be of immense help. Car importers have sites which describe in great […]

Cleaning Your Car – Removing Seats – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Recent global events will in the months ahead lead many Australians to be quarantined at home or laid off from their normal jobs. This confinement might last for a few days or several months and life stuck in your own home can become remarkably boring. Sitting on the couch watching comedies that weren’t funny the […]

History of.. Car Brands in Australia – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Recently there came news that shocked a big proportion of Australia’s motor vehicle owners. The announcement concerned shelving by General Motors of the Holden brand, a sell-off of vehicles currently in stock at Holden dealerships and an end to imports of cars and commercial vehicles carrying the famous ‘Lion’ emblem. This came as a huge […]

Modern Classic Cars & Changing Technology – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Deeming anything a ‘classic’ before it has proven its worth is risky. Tastes change, so does the economic health of the world and environmental concerns. Established Classic vehicles built 30-100+ years ago are still relatively easy to buy and enjoyable to own. However, if you are attracted to models that represent the post-1990 era then […]

Why do Car Thefts Spike in Summer? – Enthusiast Motor Insurance

Statistics show that 60% of car thefts happen while a car is parked at home and that 20% of all car-related crime occurs in December and January.  That makes our Summer months the time we need to be more vigilant. Is that just because we are more relaxed or complacent over the Summer holidays? It […]

History of the Jaguar XJ6 – Car Insurance From Enthusiast

It was not the most beautiful Jaguar ever made and it didn’t win races like earlier models did. However, the XJ6 was by far the most important model in the British brand’s extensive history. Jaguar in the years before the XJ6 was launched produced a range of quite similar saloon cars with four doors, five […]