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1991 Toyota HiLux - Sunday Driver Video with Jasmine GreenEnthusiast Motor Insurance
Episode 7

Jasmine Green 1991 Toyota HiLux

From Coffee Beans to Street Machines

Jasmine “wasn’t a car person” until she bought her first one – a 1991 Toyota HiLux, dubbed “Khaos”. A barista with a passion for dirt biking, she was looking for a mini truck that could haul her bikes to the tracks, but couldn’t afford a suitable one. So, she decided that the most logical solution was to build one! A decision she made despite having no experience in building cars, nor any background in cars.

Working as a barista for the majority of the HiLux build time, Jas spent many long nights and weekends learning what she needed to know from YouTube, her fiancé Michael, and friends in the car community — setting out on a journey that would change her life trajectory forever. In 2020, eight years after deciding to undertake this huge side project, Jas found herself with a one-of-a-kind mini truck, a new passion and a new career as a motor trimmer. We think it's safe to say that Jas is now a fully fledged car enthusiast!

Want to know what hard-to-find pieces had to be brought back in suitcases from the US, or why this Toyota thinks it’s a Holden, or how many new skills Jas has learnt over the past decade? Check out the latest episode of Sunday Driver to find out.

Driven by the Drive

Jasmine and fiancé Michael are known in the Mini Truck community for the reliability of their cars. Khaos has driven many long-haul trips around Australia, visiting car shows in Macksville (NSW), Adelaide (SA) and has even ventured off the mainland to Tasmania.

“I built it to be driven, not to be towed. Yeah, it gets stone chipped, and I have to clean it but the enjoyment I get out of driving it outweighs any of that.”

Car Specifications

  • Year
  • Make / Model
    Toyota HiLux
  • Engine
    5.7L LS1
  • Transmission
    6 speed manual
  • Body
  • Colour
    DeBeer Rescue Green metallic
  • Interior
    Two-tone brown leather and vinyl
  • Trim
    Chrome, black
  • Wheels
    18" (f) and 20" (r) Billet Specialities with Bridgestones
    Air bagged front and rear suspension

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